DESCRIPTION:  silk art scarf (length varies); pictured here, adorable colors

Inventory Item # 2019SILKArtScrf  WHITE / BLK

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DESCRIPTION:  silk art

leaf scarf ~35" long

Inventory Item # 2019SilkLeafArtScrfT1


DESCRIPTION:  silk scarf, 68" x 14"

Inventory Item # 2019PurpScrf6814


DESCRIPTION:  silk scarf, 68"x14"

Inventory Item # 2019MauveNTealScrf6814

The idea of the see-through "Treasure Scarf" mini-windows evolved from many inspirations. I was admiring some scraps of fabric on my work table one day and saw them resembling leaves caught in a fence in the fall. So I set them between two layers of mesh.

It was a beginning but they needed some weight- some body. By adding small painted gravel and some charms they got more interesting. A friend with a sea glass collection wanted me to put some in her scarf and that sold me on the idea of glass in the windows. Then, a trip to the beach inspired the addition of bits of sea shell. Who knows how this work of art will evolve next.

I prefer to wear them hanging down from the neck as a collar or vertical accent. I find them most flattering that way. But then, I'm tall and shorter people like to wrap them once around the neck and let the design hang across the chest (as show in the photographs).

Some people use them for a sash and others weave them around the neck and use a broach to hold them in place. And then you can just hang them on the wall or over a small table. It's not recommended to put them in direct sunlight. They will fade. They can either be hand washed and ironed with a press cloth or dry cleaned. The scarf is 7"x60". They are all hand made and hand dyed.

Many wonderful customers have worn them and come back for more colors.


The artist custom designs scarves in many styles, sizes (length and widths) and colors.  Each scarf is uniquely made in hand dyed silk, wotj professional seams and corners.  From long flowing scarves, to leaf necklace scarves and window scarves, let Valery know your design choices.


Valery Guignon's scarves were featured on the cover of NICHE magazine, Spring 2005.


DESCRIPTION:  silk art scarf (length varies); pictured here, adorable colors

Inventory Item # 2019SILKArtScrf BLU/BLK


DESCRIPTION:  silk leaf scarf ~ 35"

Inventory Item # 2019SilkLeafArtScrfBLRD

Hand Dyed Silk Scarves

with See Through Windows

scarves feature on niche magazine


DESCRIPTION:  silk art scarf (length varies); pictured here, adorable spring colors

Inventory Item # 2019SprngArtScrf


DESCRIPTION:  leaf scarf, 35" x 4"

Inventory Item # 2019AutumnSpring354


DESCRIPTION:  magenta scarf 68" x 14"

Inventory Item # 2019MagentaScrf6814


DESCRIPTION:  abstract heart scarf (closeup) 68" x 14"

Inventory Item # 2019AbstrctHeart6814

VALERY GUIGNON  214-912-7802

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Inventory Item # 2019TREASURESCARK BLK | RED | BLUE

Guignon Design Studios

Our inventory turns over quickly.  So if you see a particular piece that you love and it has sold,

just call me and we can find one very close to it or make one to match it for you.   214-912-7802.

Luxuriously feeling and gloriously rich colors; each Guignon Design scarf is hand dyed and hemmed with great attention to details in seams and length.