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Our inventory turns over quickly.  So if you see a particular piece that you love and it has sold,

just call me and we can find one very close to it or make one to match it for you.   214-912-7802.



Inventory# 2019PonchoTealBlueW



Inventory# 2019PonchoWhiteBlck

Guignon Designs Kimonos are offered in different lengths, colors, fabrics and styles.  Click the word

Kimonos for more.

Luxuriously feeling and gloriously rich colors; each Guignon Design scarf is hand dyed and sewn with great attention to details in seams and length.


silk scarf, 68" x 14"

Inventory# 2019PurpScrf6814


silk scarf, 68"x14"

Inventory# 2019MauveNTealScrf6814

 Many sizes, hand-dyed colors and designs to choose from in existing inventory today or ask about my custom tailored pieces available to order.

Valery Guignon custom-designed personallty hand-dyed tops provide a unique wearable art piece where each garment is like no other;truly artist and fashionable.

WeArAbLe ArT

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shopping ~ for sale, currently in inventory categories

Ponchos are a hot seller and feel oh so good!  Each design is unique, hand-dyed and and professionally sewn.